Obama Raising The Ivy League Bar: About, "Dine & Dash(?)!"

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    It is possibly noted that the White House may have been able to set in motion a repudiation of the credit-concept brinksmanship of the House GOP. It used to be about the nukes, and it was between the Democrats and the Soviet Union--and others opposed to the Democrats(?)! Now it is about the money, which is not just about Cantor and Issa anymore(?)!

    South Chicago will have its own interpretation of events. How is the brinksmanship over the debt ceiling a "Dine and Dash" ploy by the House Majority?

    Did President Obama’s Dine-And-Dash Debt Ceiling Analogy Hint At Using ‘Constitutional Option?’ | Mediaite

    There is Article I, Section 9, in the U. S. Constitution, after all.

    Guide to the Constitution

    The courts understand about appropriations. Presumably, others who want to be actually named as being Republicans. . . .also understand about the money(?).

    The Congress appropriates, then there is an appropriated payment, and in Constitutional process, shown in law.

    The House Republicans can easily be shown to be acting contrary to law, as in acting "illegally."

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Teenage stunts by Tiny-Brained folk now on display, worldwide--at the U. S. Congressional(?)! Billions can likely believe that could happen. Bond rating service downgrades would merely be a window-dressing event!)

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