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    Everywhere, simultaneously.
    President Reagan is dead.

    I try not to dwell too long upon the ramifications of such a fact, because, as an atheist, the fact frightens me.

    Some might say he is in a better place, but I know he is nowhere.

    So instead I choose, I try, to focus on what this man did for his fellow man, what he contributed to what we know as human civilization, to humanity.

    What did Ronald Wilson Reagan contribute to civilization?

    Without delving too deeply into minutae, and perhaps leaping ahead of myself, it is important primarily to understand that Ronald Wilson Reagan was a great man. Not primarily because of what he did, or what he said, but because of where he stood in the merciless tide of time and how he lived up to it. Men do not make history. History sways, and men fill the troughs and crests as best as they might. One can only hope, if one is so inclined, to be given a momentous oppourtunity to sacrifice their time, their life, to the betterment of mankind.

    But, even so, what can a man do for man?

    Such a question is daunting and intimidating. Everyone of us wishes to leave for our progeny or those who would come after us, a better, perhaps fairer, world than the one we lived in and left. This is the drive of humanity. This is the silent immovable impetus that keeps us awake at night. This is life.

    What does it mean to be human? What can I do? Where is my place? Can I help?

    Can you help? What can you do?

    I nearly cry, thinking, what can I do? How can I help?

    Some people are fortunate enough to be given the oppourtunity to sacrifice their time and themselves for the greater good. Are fortunate enough to willingly transcend those limitations extant upon lesser creatures, to ascend, within an altruistic act, and prove themselves unequivocably human.

    I often internally question why many Americans believe as they do, but I have never doubted the positive results of such Christian beliefs. President Reagan's faith demanded of him that he express and confront his true belief concerning evil in the world. From this duty he did not flee. When others were, perhaps not content, but complacent enough, to allow evil to foment and spread around and amongst us, this one brave man stood up. One man rode the crest of time and assumed his responsibility. That single man, more than any other, buried the primary source of evil in his world.

    He destroyed evil.

    But why?

    Out of pride? Perhaps out of fear?


    He did it because of love.

    What is man capable of if not the capacity to appreciate and love his fellow man? This is self-evident.

    It is within our love, for our friends, for our family, for an idividual, for each other, for everyone, do we find our worth.

    This is true.

    We love each other, and if we are good we love all mankind as ourselves, as best we can.

    I love America for what it stands for and I love Ronald Wilson Reagan for the man he was.

    For the sake of us all, for humanity, in honor of the memory of Ronald Wilson Reagan, please, love each other, and love yourself.
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    very nice post Zhukov

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    indeed. I personally believe that there IS an afterlife, but beyond our different opinions there, I agree with everything you said.

    I was right about you :) Your level of intelligence is mirrored in your writing.

    Thank you for such n uplifting post

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