No 9-11 cover-up

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    NO 9-11 COVER-UP

    As, none other than FOXNEWS claim. There has to be a actual cover-up for there to be a cover-up. But hell, FOXNEWS will create one. Rice spoke too soon on the information she had because she was urged by the media to speak. And FOXNEWS is calling for her resignation? Obama and Hillary spoke also on the information they receive from the Libyans. Then more information came out and more speaking points. No cover-up.
    All we have is Libya’s account of what happened and we may never know what really happen. All we know is that ambassador Steven allegedly died from smoke inhalation by a fire set by whom? It could not have been a planned terrorist attack more than a few hours because terrorist would have had prior knowledge of the video and the riots use a cover and knowing the presence in the embassy which was being evacuated.

    There was no 9-11 cover-up by anyone because as information was received, information was reported. There are a lot of unanswered questions and an investigation after the fact by Libyans may never give us the truth as to what happened. Hell, but FOXNEWS will create facts were there are none.

    FOXNEWS is America’s worse enemy and best friend of terrorists because of their constant attacks on U.S. Government and it’s leader. With Fox news and Friends, who need enemies. FOXNEWS is our biggest threat to our national security.

    Ongoing investigation will bring out even more information for talking points. Problem for Obama? I don’t think so.
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