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    Putin, "Donald, I am concerned about news reports your campaign being investigated for our communications about fixing the election."

    Trump, "There’s nothing to them, Vlad. All fake news."

    Putin, "Yes, I am sure. But I want them to go away."

    Trump, "Well, sure, we want the same thing here ... But....."

    Putin, "No buts. What is problem?"

    Trump, "Well I’m not sure I can just make it go away."

    Putin, "Donald, tell Spymasters to shut down investigation or they all fired and property seized by State."

    Trump, "Ah, just a second.....(muffled talking) ..... I’m getting mixed signals here, Vlad. Miller tells me I can do that, but Rince is turning purple and rubbing his left arm. .... Ivanka, can I do that?..... Vlad, that’s yuuuuge no."

    Putin, "No problem. Kill witnesses."

    Trump, "I’m almost positive I’m not allowed to do that, Vlad."

    Putin, "You President, no?"

    Tump, "Well yeah, but apparently it’s not exactly the same."

    Putin, "You not say this when KGB make you loan."

    Trump, "I didn’t KNOW, Vlad."

    Putin, "Call me Mister President ..... Now listen carefully. You love daughter, correct."

    Trump,, "Yes! ... Well Ivanka."

    Putin, "Good. You now provide nuclear codes......"

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