Narcos- the real ones

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    Often, the two talk about the drug wars that are still playing out, and note that—though much has changed since they became agents—the U.S. is leading the world in consumption of marijuana and cocaine. So as Peña and Murphy travel the world, they implore their audiences to come up with solutions. Neither of them are in favor of legalization, but without change, there’s nothing stopping another Escobar from rising to power again.

    “As long as there’s demand, there’s gonna be people willing to corrupt,” Peña said.

    Chasing Escobar

    Javier Peña, as a character, was popularized through the Netflix series ’Narcos.’ But the story of the real Peña—who lives in San Antonio—and his quest to end the reign of Pablo Escobar, is bigger than a screen.

    They ask- what would you do? Read the story and tell us- what would you have done at the time?
    It's a harrowing tale- I suspect, even the strongest would cave with their family is in jeopardy.

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