N. Korea to Allow IAEA Nuclear Inspectors into Country

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    North Korea has said it will allow International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors back into the country to ensure that it is not processing highly enriched uranium. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson made the announcement after meeting with officials in Pyongyang. Richardson has been acting as an unofficial envoy for the Obama administration.

    Bill Richardson: "Among the proposals, first, the North is willing to allow the International Atomic Agency personnel to visit the Yongbyon sites to make sure that there’s no enriched uranium efforts; secondly, the North is willing to negotiate with South Korea to sell close to 12,000 spent fuel rods and ship them out of the country."

    Governor Richardson said that he saw a change in attitude from North Korea.

    Bill Richardson: "I noticed a pragmatic attitude on their part, a more realistic attitude, a view perhaps that they’ve moved a little too far down the precipice and that it was time to come back and pull back and start negotiations again. I did notice that. And when I pushed hard for non-retaliation, I saw a little bit of movement in a positive direction."

    Democracy Now! | Headlines for December 21, 2010

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