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Discussion in 'Pets' started by PixieStix, Jun 8, 2010.

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    There is a very special story behind why her name is Daisy.

    She was a stray, that a loved one of mine, tried to pass off on me for 2 months. I said no. I have enough cats to care for.

    A couple of weeks after the last offer, my loved one was tragically killed, and where he was killed had daisies all around. I decided to go adopt a cat, with a specific look in mind, wanted a (mostly) white cat, wanted a girl, with a pink nose. I would name our new kitty "Daisy"

    I went to the shelter and that specific day they were not allowing cats to be adopted, because of some sort of outbreak.

    Anyway, I drive to my loved ones best friends garage to say hello and see how he was fairing. And this little 3 month old kitty came from under a truck and started meowing at my son. She was mostly white, with a pink nose and of course a girl. It was the same cat my loved one had offered me at least 3 times. She was about 3 months old. And it turned out that my loved one had been caring for that cat for most of it's life. He had made it shelter in an old truck, with a bed and all. This little kitty refused to allow anyone to pick her up, except my son!

    How magical is that? My son, myself and my nephew sat in my car with this new little blessing and proceeded to cry tears of hope.

    That man has been gone 4 years ago today. It was just weird, that I kept seeing "Daisy" in this forum more than once today, so I though it appropriate to share this
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