More Proof That LIbEralism is a Mental Disease: Electors planning to undermine Electoral College

Discussion in 'Election Forums' started by Bob Blaylock, Nov 23, 2016.

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    Dear TheOldSchool and LuckyDuck
    [First thanks for letting me mouth off in that last previous msg TheOldSchool that was very therapeutic, Thank you!]
    1. Sounds like you are both opposed to one party dominating the nation by majority
    2. This is why I suggest finding ways to incorporate representation by Party. The states already have rights to govern their own citizens by local sovereignty not affecting other states; so why not agree between parties to respect beliefs within their own membership without imposing outside their jurusdiction?
    3. As for ways to prevent one party from taking all electoral votes, why not distribute those votes per district as NE and ME do? Wouldn't that help?

    In the meantime if efforts and resources are going to be spent on recounts, or lobbying the Electors to vote their conscience and not necessarily follow party lines, why not invest that energy into forming a parliamentary conference of Party reps to compare and propose reforms to govt problems. Why not address conflicts and issues directly between parties with different approaches and try to assimilate these to develop the most cost effective solutions ?

    Why not ask all parties for input on how to improve representation, and work out a feasible sysyem using the best ideas. Why not try them out on an "experimental basis" informally by consulting and collaborating across party lines. Then after developing a good model proven to work, pitch that as a way to reform the given system?

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