More Great Socialist Intervention Victories! (Opposing GOP "No!" To All Of USA!)

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    Commentators over the weekend finally concede that the Obama-Biden-Democratic-Ivy-League Stimulus was actually more preservative than stimulus. The state and local teachers and bureaucrats who caused it all, kept all the money for themselves. State and local governments did no stimulus, and even now expect to lay-off hundreds of thousands.

    And so there is liberal justice in the world after all: About to commence.

    Otherwise, the usually moribund manufacturing sector of the U. S. economy has been getting much better, and for twelve months. The Bush-Cheney-Paulson-McCain-Palin-Tea Party GOP had all said "No!" to the American Car Manufacturing industry, and "No!" as well as to the First Responders, and including with the guns to shoot at U. S. Nationals(?)! Even at GOP-side, NRA: "Betrayus, Obombus! Please!" is the GOP view of what the planet wants Americans, all to do.

    Manufacturing expands in July, but at slower pace - Aug. 2, 2010

    The properly computed, Refundable Tax Credit, would itself be said a "preservative" kind of measure, but in a properly stimulus direction. The refundable credit was in equal amounts, based on the sociology of a two-person kind of household. It was even paid to households who had no federal income taxes even withheld, or over and above the usual refunds. So it acted like a first-ever, National Cost-Of-Living Adjustment.

    Preserving markets, and their purchasing power, is nowhere on the De Facto Republican agenda. It appears nowhere, De Jure. The federal Republicans, generally said: "No!" At GOP Central Committee website even, there is no "Final Solution To the Presbyterian Question" proposed. The answer to, "Just where is all this money going to come from," is not proposed! Great Presbyter, Adam Smity: Actually thought it was in the beads and trinkets, and for proof: Sent foreigners out to buy Manhattan Island, with them!

    In our nation, entire tribes of foreigners, now understand about the beads and the trinkets thing, even now. Casinos, with one-armed bandits, are in fact everywhere, now, on many lands in our nation of America(?)!

    The Great Socialist Intervention of the Stimulus, and the banking bail-outs, and the manufacturing sector bail-outs, and the state-and-local government hoarding, "merit' civil-service bail-outs: Was finally met with some federal non-defense contractor bailouts, and so something is getting built, somewhere. And seriously, some of it is "Green."

    Sarah Palin, anyone recalls, knows about state-and-local government hoarding, "merit" civil-service bail-outs. Anyone can find out from Governor Palin, that it all comes from oil, spilling freely into the market-place. The GOP Party of "No!" even came out with a GOP, "high-tech" solution to the Gulf Spill: Piling rocks up on the sand(?)!

    As opposed to the great Socialist Leaership of the Obama Administration, opening doors of federal cooperation--with BP of the greater, high-tech, Socialist Europe--then even now a problem solution is being put in place.

    That is different, from "No, Let the Market Do it: Awash with all that oil!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (It may be a "make-over" image of the America--that the Writer's Guild started in the first place. But still, it is a Hollywood make-over--of the America--that the Writer's Guild: Started in the first place(?)! Even in "Birth of A Nation," it was there! Worldwide, Somehow, that too: Again is now relevant, to the whole thing(?)!)
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