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    Happy new year y'all. :eusa_angel:

    What do you envision for this year? I am troubled by the rise in oil and I see the US economy stalling early in the year and a possibility of regressing again. Sorry for doom and gloom but that is how I see it. I see more bickering in Congress and not a whole lot getting done. The Repubs blocked a lot of the Dems stuff when they were in the minority and I see the Dems doing the same stuff now they are in the minority. You reap what you sow!

    I see a record coaching change in the NFL, maybe 10 coaches fired this year and the Chicago Bears win the SB! The resurgent SA Spurs win the NBA and the Yanks the World Series. The Big Ten will change their division names again too.

    China will continue to prosper and rearm and start to be more aggressive against the US in SE Asia but will restrain NK. NK and SK will back away from the brink but the truce will continue. The US continues to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq while the EU start to feel nationalism rise again.

    The weather will continue to wild and unpredictable with ice storms, blizzards and more hurricanes. Hey the weather person is hardly right either!:lol:

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