McCain funds the PLO

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    Senator John McCain has funded PLO terrorists! Well, okay, they’re not called “terrorists” anymore, otherwise Condi Rice couldn’t meet with them, but they’re called terrorists in South Florida, right? And Sarah Palin can see the Golan Heights from her house. She said:

    "It seems that there is yet another radical professor from the neighborhood who spent a lot of time with Barack Obama going back several years. This is important because his associate, Rashid Khalidi, he in addition to being a political ally of Barack Obama, he’s a former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization."

    Of course, Governor Palin can’t really pronounce “Khalidi.” And Dr. Rashid Khalidi, born in New York, is a professor in the History Department of Columbia University, where he holds the Edward Said Chair of Modern Arab Studies in the Middle East Institute of the School of International and Public Affairs. The late Dr. Edward Said, after whom the position is named, was a member of the Palestinian National Council or PNC for a few years, not the PLO, but, hey, close enough a week before the election.

    And Dr. Khalidi taught at Chicago when Barack Obama did, their kids went ot the same school, and Obama was at the goodbye party when Khalidi left Chicago for his current job in New York. And Barack Obama took an undergrad literature course from Said himself. OMG!

    But wait!

    Dr. Khalidi ran the Center for Palestine Research and Studies in the 1990s, which conducted research in the West Bank, funded in part by the International Republican Institute. These IRI grants were sizable; they could have kept Governor Palin in designer clothes for a couple of months. One grant in 1998 was for $448,873.

    And the Chairman of the International Republican Institute since 1993? John Sidney McCain III.

    Oh, that Professor Rashid Khalidi. Surely IRI Chairman McCain will recall him now and agree that Dr. Khalidi is an eminent American scholar.

    McCain Funds PLO? NotionsCapital
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    Typical republican hypocrisy [ame=]YouTube - Republican hypocrisy[/ame]
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    This is interesting, while John McCain and his surrogates like to talk about William Ayers (I am not a defender) maybe we should talk about another very interesting supporter of McCain's his name is G. Gordon Liddy.

    Mr. Liddy as you might remember is a convicted burglar in the Watergate affair. He has held numerous fund raisers for McCain very recently. McCain in November of 2007 even went on his radio show and praised him. Did John McCain know or did he not care?:

    (1) He suggested on the air that people aim for the head or groin when shooting federal agents because they wear bullet proof vests.

    (2) He called Adolph Hitler an inspirational speaker.

    (3) He supported the killing of Jack Anderson because he opposed the Nixon Administration´s positions.

    (4) He supported the kidnapping of political opponents and shipping them to Mexico during the Republican National Convention when Nixon was to be nominated.

    So with support like this and John McCain's approval how can John McCain say he puts, "Country First"?
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    News Releases - IRI Statement Regarding Work with Palestinians

    Questions have arisen regarding the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) work with Palestinians in the 1990s.

    “In the 1990s, IRI gave grants to the Center for Palestinian Research and Studies (CPRS) for polling in the West Bank/Gaza. The polls measured support for the peace process, for various Palestinian political groups, and for efforts to enhance governance in the West Bank/Gaza. At that time no other organization could credibly conduct polling in the West Bank/Gaza.

    “We understand that Rashid Khalidi was one of the many founders of CPRS, and we understand that he was for some (unclear) amount of time a board member. IRI did not in the 1990s conduct background checks of grantees’ founders or board members. IRI did on a number of occasions vet CPRS as an organization, including, as was our custom, with the Israeli government, and we were given no cause for concern.

    “We do not recall any contact between Mr. Khalidi and IRI, and there is no evidence that Mr. Khalidi benefited in any way from IRI's grants.

    “Other organizations that reportedly gave funding to CPRS include the National Endowment for Democracy, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Center for International Private Enterprise, the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, the Japanese Embassy, and Germany’s Friedrich Naumann Stiftung.

    “IRI’s relationship with CPRS ended in 2000, and we understand that it no longer exists.”

    So, McCain was a cochair for the IRI and Kaladi ran the CPRS. They never met and the CPRS was the only orgnization at the time that could conduct that type of research inn the West Bank.

    They did not conduct background checks at the time the moneies were handed out.
    They went numerous times to the Israeli government and got advice on the group and there was no cause for concern.

    They cut off their associations with the CPRS in 2000, and they were not the only national group to conduct business with them.

    So you're gonan compare that to Obama who

    Had Khaladi and his wife BABYSAT Obama's children
    Attended Khaladi's daughters wedding
    Attended frequent dinners with each other
    Toasted him saying things like "his views should not be shared just at the dinner table but around the world" knowing how Anti-Isreal he is and how he worked so closely with the PLO

    YEah, the 2 are very similar in comparison.
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