Lunatic House First Act Will Be A Tax Hike (Lapse of Stimulus Schedule M)!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mascale, Nov 5, 2010.

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    The Boehner Party, Party of 200+ and getting hunted down by a crazed Independent from Alaska--To See If Sarah Palin ever shows up, (as in maybe less than 200 punto)--opposed the Tax Cuts in the Stimulus, on a philosophical basis, clearly opposed to all such Tax Cuts(?)!

    To get their philosophy of tax hikes for everyone started: All They have to do is nothing!

    Schedule M is set to expire, Tax Year ending December 31, and is not a Bush Tax Cut! A lame duck session can possibly get the Refundable Make Work Pay Tax Credit extended. If that doesn't happen, then expiration of the tax credit is Act One of the Red Tide!

    It's in the Bible(?)! In a Republican-Lunatic House, "The Intelligent Design" made it all a part of a plan(?)! Either that, or it's the Intelligent Design made flesh on earth(?)! Or it's Jewish, or something(?)

    Anyone recalls that Doing Nothing is the what the Republicans, are famously good at. They don't read National Intelligence Estimates. They Don't Do FEMA in places like New Orleans. They don't do financial regulation. Likely none of them do their income taxes. They don't encourage corporate clean-up of environmental damages. They don't even like paying environmental damages. They're not too thrilled, even about having the Collectives, building all the Motor Cars: And then getting them out the showroom doors!

    And mainly they like to do Tax Hikes! That starts day one in office, Unless the tax-curring Democrats vote to keep the Stimulus tax cuts in place. The Republicans Said "No!" to stimulus tax cuts! Soon they can have their dreams come true: Doing the Tax Hikes, for which they can claim a mandate!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (White Eyes make marks on cattle on lands of Many Nations: Claiming Ownership! Many Nations then cry, "Freedom" and "Emancipation" in land of Lincoln. . .and GOP views of right of property, fed, clothed, housed, nurtured without compensation--then taken away with no compensation!)

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