The GOP Red Tide In The BABS Snare Of The Stimulus!

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    When State and Local Governments Default, then who will be in office(?) in State and Local Government, no one asks!

    Building America's Next Bailout | The Weekly Standard

    The Red Ted has stepped into it, and the Speaker of the House Apparently is mainly talking about Crazy Things, and not about state and local government bail-outs. The Stimulus did bail out state and local governments, to loss of the Democrats. The Preservatives(?) of the Status Quo only prevented some deteroriation, that could not seet the tax base, for the governments(?)! The governments were in peril because they had no tax base. State and Local Governments, and the Ivy League: Were inclined to very much about that.

    Building America's Next Bailout | The Weekly Standard

    The Build American Bonds program is not a tax advantage for the investors. The states pay more in interest. The Republicans are now famously faced with House of Representatives which tends to eat Republicans alive at any rate!

    The Speaker of the House now famously wants to do crazy things instead!

    Some municipalities are trying to help disguise the plight of the neighborhoods in which the voters all seem to be living. Inner City is out. Suburbia is. . . .at least coming up on the radar. The foreclosed properties are not becoming Obama-villes, or Governor-villes, or Mayor-villes, or other local official-villes at all.

    Car sales are up, good news for local budgets: But there is another problem: Soon to be coming up for re-elections.

    It is a problem at the local level, where it hurts a lot worse than it does in Garden At the White House, where no doubt the First Momma is out there doing her Grizzly best!

    Anyone notices that the roles of women in America have changed! Then there is "The Change" coming in from Alaska, soon at Senate Office, even near to y'all (which is not in the Rose Parade, also for this January)!

    The Secretary of State can famously commence a learning curve, staring on January 1.

    And The BABS bonds are not federally guaranteed!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Southern Belles in Office: Now Mainly go, "Cuckoo!" "Cuckoo!")

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