lincoln mayor to bill cheney for security

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    Lincoln mayor readies the bill for Cheney's visitDick Cheney and Air Force Two are long gone, but a controversy still swirls around the vice president's visit to Lincoln: Who should pick up the tab for all that extra security?

    Lincoln Mayor Coleen Seng says she intends to bill the vice president's office, or any other responsible party, for the nearly $32,000 in costs the city incurred last week when Cheney came to help raise money for GOP congressional candidate Jeff Fortenberry.

    Republicans blasted the request, saying Tuesday that Lincoln's Democratic mayor was trying to make political hay and was embarrassing the state in the process. State GOP Chairman David Kramer said it was especially outlandish given that Cheney was returning to his hometown.

    "This isn't about cost. It's about politics," Kramer said. "Lincoln is sending a message that leaders of the Free World aren't welcome here because the city is too cheap."

    The Democratic Party's executive director said that if the Bush administration doesn't reimburse the city, Fortenberry, who raised $150,000 from the Cheney visit, should.

    Lincoln city officials said they were researching Tuesday whether there is any precedent for such reimbursement. What they found, said the mayor's chief of staff, Mark Bowen, is that a lot of cities are asking that question.

    Bowen said he suspects cities' interest comes from the tremendous amount of security required in the post-9/11 world.

    Bowen said the mayor's request came out of citizen inquiries about street closings, costs and why taxpayers should bear the costs for a campaign trip.

    Because that's the way it's done, the GOP's Kramer said.

    I'm guessing that pretty soon it won't be, once citizens start getting tax increases to pay for the security.

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    Isn't there already taxes and a budget for Secret Service protection?

    If I go somewhere, it is at my own risk. If I want protection above what is provided, I must pay for it.

    If this was a campaign swing, then someon's campaign should pay for it. If it is an official visit, then the Feds should pay for it. Why should mom and pop taxpayer foot the bill?

    Taxes are paid by indviduals of ALL parties. If this was a capmaign deal, then if I were anyone but I Republican, I would have issue with my tax dollars funding an opposing parties endeavors.

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