Liberals Versus Conservatives: Six Opposing Core Beliefs

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    Most of my long and passionate debates with liberals usually wind up at a stand-off after we have both reduced a complicated topic down to its basic core. At this point, further discussion would be useless, we must "agree to disagree" because we are both steadfast in our core beliefs.

    As a result of many discussions with liberals, I have identified the following six opposing core beliefs.

    1) Liberals tend to trust government more than business.
    Conservatives tend to trust business more than government.

    2) Liberals believe in collectivism.
    Conservatives believe in individualism.

    3) Liberals are intolerant of certain beliefs.
    Conservatives are judgmental of certain behaviors.

    4) Liberals tend to believe in moral relativism.
    Conservatives tend to believe in moral absolutes.

    5) Liberals believe that society can, and must be, perfected.
    Conservatives believe that there will always be a struggle between "good and evil".

    6) Liberals tend to be guided more by their emotions.
    Conservatives tend to be guided more by reason.

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