Liberalism: Coarsening of the Society

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    A Higher Calling
    By David Limbaugh
    February 09, 2006

    Is nothing sacred to the left anymore other than a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy? Does the left's "morally superior" ideology entitle them to abandon their manners at will? Are there any adults left among them who are willing to police their misbehavior?

    Were former president Jimmy Carter's and Rev. Joseph Lowery's cheap shots at President Bush at the Coretta Scott King funeral aberrations, or were they typical of the classless behavior increasingly exhibited by liberal icons?

    Well, consider the merciless berating of Judge Samuel Alito by Sen. Ted Kennedy and his Democratic colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee to the point of driving Mrs. Alito to leave the chambers in tears.

    Consider the phony allegations of corruption and bigotry driving their cavalier lecturing of this decent man, who responded, like President Bush at the King funeral, with graciousness, dignity, class and restraint. And consider that no Democrat even gently suggested to his highness, Sen. Kennedy, that he was way out of line, both in form and substance.

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