Just ranting about EXCELLENT service from a Company. :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by _dmp_, Apr 6, 2004.

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    I haven't been asked to share - but I wanted to publically acknowledge the folks at Empire GP for the FANTASTIC work done to fix my 636.

    Due to an encounter with cold roads and cold tires, my bike went thru the following progressions:

    From [​IMG]

    To [​IMG]

    And today - finally this...


    Bob (on Cycle Forums as 'plasticweld') kept in consistant communication with me via email. He told me when the parts arrived; gave me progress reports, and even when something didn't get fixed 100% to his standards, he personally corrected the glitch prior to shipment - it's CLEAR that to EmpireGP, customer satisfaction is job one.

    Thank you Bob Brown...for your help. I'd gladly do business - even from across the country as I am, with Empire GP in the future...I'd encourage ANY of the riders here - or anyone who needs plastic-repair, to get ahold of these NewYork frozen-Chosen...

    Thanks for your time.

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