Isn't life outside the womb just as it was during pregnancy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eaglewings, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Yes it is, there whole upbringing is important

    I am a Dem who doesn't believe in abortion either.

    But it pisses me off that once the child is born with needs to raise this child, Republicans don't want to give a nickle

    The Republicans feel they need to cut out all means for the baby to survive once it is here..Food , Clothing, education , Health How Dysfunctional!

    I have heard over and over the churches will do it.. They can not keep up with it all.

    Or who cares just let it become a homeless junky drugged out while the republicans feel better knowing they saved a life..

    HAAAAAA what a joke.

    If you are so strong on abortions for these rape victims, make it easier to raise them in good environments. to grow i to strong young men and women.
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