Importance of “acquiring knowledge” as quoted by Hazrat Jaffer SADIQ A.S

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    Importance of “acquiring knowledge” as quoted by Hazrat Jaffer SADIQ A.S.
    I want to share some valuable quotes of HAZRAT Imam Jaffer Sadiq A.S regarding importance or “acquiring knowledge to all human beings of the world wide.

    “ If people would know the benefits of acquiring knowledge they would have acquired it, even if they had to shade drops of blood from their hears or had to dive deep down into the sea”

    But very dis-appoint and regret why un-educated and brain wash MILLITANS why blow school and colleges in NWFP in Peshawar to proof they are always against with the modern education, than which Islam or religion they follow.

    But Islam always emphasis the importance of education and one can learn till alive. Never miss any opportunity to learn knowledge which is un-aware and than spread among all human beings.

    If any one have still any doubt than consult any religious scholars than realized what is the importance of acquiring knowledge in the eyes of Islam than never waste his precious time but always think how to acquire more and more knowledge.

    In last I would say knowledge is LIGHT and ignorance is total DARKNESS Let decide what you like but what is your attitude.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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