I'm on Medicare and FEAR Obamacare more!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Aug 17, 2012.

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    NOT ONE plan from Romney/Ryan will AFFECT any of us on Medicare NOW.
    BUT Obamacare WILL cut my current Medicare benefits AND still not solve any problem!

    I'm currently on Medicare Advantage. It is great. But Obamacare wants to abolish it!

    Romney/Ryan want to expand the concept of Medicare advantage plans which when people really understand how Medicare works will come to appreciate their plan and abhor Obama's!

    My advantage plan DOES NOT deduct $96.40/month from my social security.
    Traditional Medicare does.. right now it would cost me almost $1,156 taken from my check.

    Right now it is not deducted.. Which is better to me? Advantage plan which Obama wants to do away with!!!

    Right now I visit my doctor.. NO co-pay required because I'm a member of the Medicare Advantage plan.

    But if I were a traditional Medicare.. I'd have to pay 20% of doctor visit.
    Which is better for me? Obviously the Advantage plan which Obama wants to stop!

    Right now every month I can get $50 of over the counter items, i.e. aspirin, bandaids, mouthwash,toothpaste, vitamins,etc.. under my Advantage Plan.
    NOTHING like it under traditional Medicare.

    So again I get almost $600 a year in savings with my Advantage plan that Obama wants to abolish!

    Right there I have almost $2,000 a year that I will have to pay when Obama abolishes Medicare Advantage plans.

    So WHY would I have ANY FEAR of Romney/Ryan WHEN THEY WANT TO EXPAND
    the Advantage Plan!

    OH and the Advantage to Medicare???
    Little or NO fraud with Advantage plans.
    Each advantage plan is paid by Medicare to manage and their responsibility for fraud!
    What is wrong with that??

    Taxes paid.. Every one of the Advantage plans that are for profit MUST make a profit.
    If they don't they don't get the contract from Medicare.
    AND GUESS WHAT folks... THESE for profit advantage plans then HAVE to pay taxes on their profits!

    And Obama because he HATES businesses, capitalism "evil profit makers" wants to abolish them! So stupid!
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    Sep 27, 2011
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    Not only are services being cut, but the government is coming out with a host of studies proving that the cuts are better for you. Cut from the list of medicare provided services are annual mammograms, prostate exams, pap tests, colonoscopy, just to name a few. And, since the government funded a study that proved that Avastin, which had up to that time saved thousands of lives, was no good whatsoever the cancer fighting drug has been taken off the market completely.

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