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Sep 22, 2016
    1. TheOldSchool
      Haha fuck you Katz
    2. starfish1950
      I can't answer your question about the muslim who lied ( it is alloowed by Muhammad) YES the conviance store did have camaras, I check Wichita news every day, my son and grandchildren live there
    3. Eaglewings
      Miss seeing you~
    4. Dot Com
      Dot Com
      where are you rw hater?
    5. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
    6. lakeview
      I wanted to rep you for the post you made in the Atheist mega church thread but apparently I have to spread rep around first. Excellent point.
    7. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      continued-part two-Thats why it occured.Kruschev wanted Kennedy to back down and remove the missiles in turkey that were installed in the previous administration and through back channel deals they had to make with each other since both governments were sabotoging peace talks with them,Kennedy agreed to remove the missiles from turkey and not invade cuba. You didnt read the part where Nixon said in later years had he been president back then,he would have gone in and bombed cuba just like the military wanted Jfk to do but he wisely resisted them.Knowing how extremely immature Nixon was back then trying to get Eisenhower to nuke Laos which he wisely resisted,its being foolish and ignorant to say that whe wouldnt have done just what he said he would have done back then in 62 which is do what the military wanted Kennedy to do.Dick Nixon would have bombed cuba like they wanted Jfk to do and he would have started world war 3.get with the program.
    8. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      usuaully you are right on and accurate with your posts but this time,you are way off target and not even close to being truthful.The cuban missile crisis would not only have still happened had Dick Nixon been elected,but he would have gotten us into world 3 as well. The crisis happened because Eisenhower was the one that put missiles in turkey.The missiles were already there when Kennedy got in office.
    9. Truthmatters
      The Women Who Gave Their Lives

      the troops you hate on
    10. freedombecki
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