If You Get Screwed, And You Don't Know It, Is It Rape?

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    Rohm Emanual said "Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What
    I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you
    couldn't do before." ...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yeA_kHHLow]YouTube - Rahm Emanuel: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste[/ame]

    if you want the words out of his own mouth.

    So how did the democrats use this philosophy to screw the american people
    and the media which they own didn't bother to tell us about it?

    Look at the H1N1 virus-

    The definition of a pandemic originally was:

    A new virus, which went around quickly, for
    which you didn't have immunity, and which created a high morbidity
    and mortality rate.

    The pandemic definition had been changed by the WHO just before
    they declared the "pandemic" on June 11. The original definition
    contained two other conditions -- there must be a high morbidity
    and a high mortality rate.

    Drug companies manipulated the World Health Organisation into
    downgrading its definition of a pandemic so they could cash
    in on a swine flu outbreak

    Now the last two have been dropped, and that's
    how swine flu could be categorized as a pandemic.So the vaccine could be
    administered without a description.

    So here is a manufactured crisis so the chemical companies could get back the millions
    they spent on research during the bird flu earlier.

    Isn't coincidence wonderful-
    Has anyone noticed that Dr. Julie Gerberding head of the CDC when
    all the Swine Flu hoopla was fabricated in 2009 has now taken the
    position of president of Merck Vaccines, effective January 25, 2010.
    Maybe to some people this is a coincidence but I am just a little
    skeptical, the CDC was also very much responsible for the swine flu

    It was well know in August that this was a mild virus that a reasonably
    healthy immune system could handle and a few simple nutritional
    supplements could most likely prevent. The CDC was responsible for
    refusing to track the disease properly and forbidding the publication
    of potential natural immune boosters as a means of preventing this flu.

    Read more: Drug firms 'drove swine flu pandemic warning to recoup billions spent on research' | Mail Online

    Drug firms 'drove swine flu pandemic warning to recoup billions spent on research' | Mail Online

    Drug firms manipulated WHO into downgrading pandemic definition
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    Not if you drive a Prius, or like I call it a Smug mobile.

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