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    You want to convert me to your sect of christianity? Here's a guide to get you started. I could go on like War And Peace about all the dumb stuff not to do, and I will in a moment, but the one thing all y'all could do that might could work is this:

    Behave in a Christ-like manner. Increase the justice and mercy quotient in your families and communities. Exhibit peacefulness of mind and body. Be Attractive -- exhibit qualities I might actually want more of in my own life.

    Here are some things NOT to do:

    1. Talk fear. Trust me, better people than you have pitched the hellfire and damnation beanie to me when I was far more vulnerable. I ain't never buying this crap.

    2. Tell me I need saving. Take your judgment bullshit and shove it. IMO, a real christian is far too preoccupied handling his own life to even try to pass judgment on anyone else's and you ain't God. You dun have anywhere near enough information to form an opinion I'd care to hear.

    3. Explain to me how the Bible is more correct than science. I am never drinking this kool aid. If you cannot separate fact from fiction, that's on you. A religious path might lead to greater enlightenment from an ethical standpoint, but praying hard will never lead to the discovery of a cure for AIDS.

    4. Tell me you have the "only way". If you cannot accept that there are Godly people who do not belong to your religion, what you are actually selling is bigotry -- and I will never be in the market for that vile stew.

    This outbreak of "who's stupidier, atheists or christians?" threads on USMB in the past few days is annoying. So much false superiority and the crowning glory is that anyone thinks I could read a post on a message board and have a *moment* where I finally accept that after 57 years of believing elsewise, I see the light and need to run back to Mass (or whichever christian sect you guys are pitching).

    THIS is not the venue for converting anyone, and as best I can see, the only reason we should be discussing religion at all is so you can tell me more about how yours has affected your life (if you choose to share)...because I am nosey.

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