Here's What Your Vote Bought in Education.

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    One more of the ramifications of the election....a benighted electorate endorsed an administration joined at the hip to teacher's unions...

    The aware in this nation are astounded that folks who have bemoaned the state of education...and be sure to read the article encapsulated below...voted for Barack Obama.....the man who squelched the Washington, D.C. student voucher program.

    1. "How Washington, D.C., Schools Cheat Their Students Twice

    2. ...I was really angry, because the Credit Recovery program she was starting is a fraud to which I alerted the chancellor of Washington, D.C., schools last summer in a memo and at a one-on-one meeting.

    3. In Credit Recovery, students who have failed a semester-long course attend a special class after school for a few weeks and magically earn credit for it—without taking a mastery exam. It is a big reason why the 50% of high-poverty, public-school students who actually graduate from high school are generally helpless before a college curriculum.

    4. The dirty little secret of American education is that not only do half of students in high-poverty high schools drop out, but most of those who graduate—as I found in my two years teaching and testing students—operate at about the fifth-grade level ....

    5. Instead of insisting that students retake failed courses and actually work, the school system allows students to take Credit Recovery or equally bogus summer-school courses. Thus students "age-out" of middle school with second-grade skills and "D-out" of high-school courses they rarely attend.

    6 .What can be done for the Quanieshas of the world, of whom there are literally millions segregated into the high-poverty public schools of America?

    7. Schools should drop the fraud of pretending they are doing grade-level work. Instead, schools should rework their reading and math curricula to prepare them for trades that can support a family, such as being a bricklayer, hairdresser, plumber, nurse's assistant or computer technician.

    8. ...well-behaved and well-prepared students have been cheated of most of their learning time throughout their school careers by the disruption of the disaffected, and they can probably get to grade level—and to college—if the disruption ends.

    9. ...end to standardization and ... change to relevant curricula...

    10. ... let's end the fraud of Credit Recovery so students can be taught where they truly are, not at the level where we pretend they are."
    Caleb Rossiter: How Washington, D.C., Schools Cheat Their Students Twice -

    So....if you hear anyone gripe about our youth, and the state of education.....ask about who they believe is in charge of it...and who they blame......

    ....and who they voted for.
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    I see many students on an academic track where they have no businees being.

    Why in hell would a carpenter or beautician need algebra 2 ?

    I' not blaming either party left or right.

    It's a systemic lack of reality

    I'll tout vocational education and the German model until we don't need beauticians and carpenters.

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