Governor Jan Brewer to President Obama: "Do your job"

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    Thursday, July 1st, 2010

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is calling on President Obama to secure the border and combat the increasingly tense immigration problem.
    And this time, it’s personal.

    The Arizona governor has put out a campaign ad aimed at gaining President Obama’s attention.

    “Washington is broken Mr. President," the governor says in the ad. "Do your job. Secure our borders."

    The ad takes place next to a sign near the Arizona border which reads "Danger - Public Warning, Travel Not Recommended."

    The ad comes just days after Ms. Brewer met with President Obama’s White House staff, and just three weeks after the president hosted Ms. Brewer at the White House.

    As for the ad, the Mr. Brewer seems to have sparked a debate more grounded in politics than policy. The sign featured in the ad were recently installed and Ms. Brewer claims they were installed following her meeting with the president.

    "Two weeks ago I met with President Obama. He promised that we would get word from his administration," Mr. Brewer said on Wednesday. "Well, we finally got the message: these signs."

    The Arizona governor has come under political fire after signing into law a controversial immigration law. The law grants broad power to law enforcement to inquire into anyone’s immigration status should they have reasonable cause to do so.

    Critics claim that civil rights will be violated, while advocates claim too little has been done to deal with immigration reform.

    Earlier this week, the White House announced a detailed a plan to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, with 524 going directly to Arizona.

    The Arizona governor has requested 6,000 National Guard troops.


    Is there anyway we can fire this clown? All he does is say what America CAN'T do! He's no FDR.

    The border is too big.

    Were stuck with all these Mexicans.

    There's no way we can deport millions of people.

    He's good at telling people what to do if they're thousands of miles away but he'll let Latin America spit in his face. Get rid of this coward and get a real American who's willing to put an army on the border and get this war started.

    Why did we fight all those wars, OBAMA! Stop surrendering to Mexico!
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    good for her!! I like this woman!!

    (yes, lib idiots... I do hate all other women)
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    Hi Bull:

    Arizona Governor Brewer's first task, before signing the Arizona Immigration Bill, was to file a lawsuit against the Federal Government for refusing to 'enforce' Federal Immigration, Employment and Document Fraud Laws already on the books! Now Governor Brewer is making a second mistake ...

    No Governor Brewer!!!! Wake the hell up already! The Kenyan-born Indonesian Immigrant in the White House is responsible for ENFORCING our perfectly good Immigration, Employment and Document Fraud Laws already on the books!!!!! The reason that we have 20 to 30 MILLION goddamned Illegal Alien Foreign Nationals running around loose EVERYWHERE is because nobody is 'enforcing' our Employment Laws ... AT ... THE ... WORKPLACE. The people guarding our U.S. Border do us NO GOOD, when the Illegal Aliens are allowed to steal American identities and JOBS from sea to shining sea.

    Enforcement of the Border begins ... AT ... THE ... WORKPLACE and where 20 to 30 goddamned Illegal Aliens are living in one house right under the noses of Federal, State and Local so-called "Law Enforcement Officers." I can go outside right now and put my hands on 100 Illegal Aliens and our so-called "Law Enforcement Officers" can do the very same thing every day of the week, but Obama and your State Governor and the Local Sheriff are NOT even remotely interested in protecting identities or JOBS of law-abiding American Citizens.

    Nobody needs to watch our Borders, if our Immigration, Employment and Document Fraud Laws 'are' ENFORCED at the workplace. Yes. The Illegal Alien squatting in the White House needs to "Do His Job" of ENFORCING all of our laws, but that begins with 'enforcing' our laws making it Illegal to 'hire' the goddamned Illegal Aliens in the first place.


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