Good Bush War Bad Bush War

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    The road to freedom is not at the end of the barrel of a gun. President Bush’s 91 War with in Iraq met the criteria of being a just war. There was a defined mission as well as local and international support for United States military action. Saddam stepped over the line and the world responded similarly too as they did in the Asian Tsunami. President Bush’s 03 War of choice in Iraq met none of the same criteria’s for going to war. For this the United States is going to pay a high price in the long-term repercussions for the war in Iraq. The 03 War in Iraq was over the control of the oil in the region and the sweet water in Iraq as well as a smoke screen for the State of Israel in the name of her national security.

    Then Secretary of Defense Cheney down sized the United States Military and out sourced many of the services and programs to the private sector. This as part of President Bush’s cut backs in spending to save money. Less than a handful of companies said to qualify for the Iraqi contracts. Today the soldier’s fortunes are the second largest force of people fighting the War in Iraq costing the American Tax payers many billions of dollars. The Cheney Halliburton contracts for the Iraq War are illegal morally and ethically if not legally. The war mongering Neocons had rushed to the Iraq War for the profit for their friends and supporters. The use of a lot of miss information was used to manipulate the American public opinion for the War in Iraq. The paper trail of lies and deceit will lead to the truth about the missing nine billion dollars of American taxpayer money in Iraq.

    With no clear mission in the 03 War in Iraq the Neocons have undermined the national security of the United States. Between the growth in the United States national debt and the foreign trade deficit. The America government has over extended their resources in leading the world the wrong way. Freedom and democracy without security and prosperity is tyranny too. The United States Middle East foreign policies concerning Israel and oil are at the root of many of the problems in the world today.

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