Go Hard at the Gym? Something new if interested.

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    If you're a polished exerciser (this is Male oriented), I have developed a new Program which is arguably better than anything out, if you've got the where-with-all to go through with it. It's not for beginners, and it's not for anyone who doesn't take it mildly serious.

    It's a 4-day/week program.

    This program was developed to eliminate the need for weights AND cardio although, admittedly, I still do both because I'm slightly obsessed afterall.

    It's 48-exercises, split into 4-days. Each day has 4-rounds. Each round has 3-exercises, and 4-sets of each.

    Weight-wise, you want a pretty heavy weight where your MAX Reps are somewhere around 6.

    What you do in each round, is the 3-exercises right in a row (no rest), then go right back to the 1st (still no rest)..........and do this 4-times thus ending the round.

    So you might do something like squats.......right to curls.....right to dips.......back to squats.......etc. X4, /end round. 4 rounds per day, so 12 exercises per day.

    In the middle of the rounds, your heart is like :eek:. This routine builds muscle, but it's lean-muscle. Results come FAST. ~

    The routine is on an excel-sheet. Anyone who-so desires, let me know. Not for beginners!!!(warning! warning!). :eusa_shhh:

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