Georgian police plants drugs on people

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    According to the UN and U.S. State Department's Bureau of Narcotics report, there are about 350 000 drug addicts in Georgia. Comparing this with the neighboring countries, we have 160 000 in Armenia , 20 thousand in Azerbaijan, and 25 thousand drug addicts in Kazakhstan. That’s quite a big difference in this index, isn’t it?

    Partly the level of drug use in Georgia is much affected by geography. Afghan drugs are transported to Georgia in via two routes. First one: Afghanistan - Iran - Azerbaijan – Georgia, and the second one: Afghanistan - Turkmenistan - Azerbaijan - Georgia. The main route is the Iranian one, where Georgia gets 9 tons of heroin each year. Nevertheless, despite the fact that both ways are going through Azerbaijan, the situation with drug abuse in this country is much better than in Georgia.

    It’s really interesting that under these circumstances Tbilisi recently has taken on a confidential step with Iran as the simplification of visa regime. It turns out that on the one hand Saakashvili seeks to get into NATO, and also tries to restore wasted Washington's confidence; and on the other hand - fully normalize and improve relations with Tehran, which took up arms against almost all Western countries.

    It turns out that geography is not the only factor and authorities indirectly contribute to the development of drug addiction. But why do they do so?

    Perhaps this situation is somehow beneficial for Saakashvili's administration. Well, there’s a possibility that almost one of four people between 20 and 60 could theoretically have drugs about himself. If someone was caught for possession of drugs, there would be no suspicion among population - the country’s full of drug addicts. Even when it concerns to politicians or businessmen.

    In this way the authorities have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone:
    they can put an "unnecessary" man in jail,
    and once again show that police reform is bearing its fruit - a fierce war against drugs is going on.

    It happened so in situation with Akaki Daraseliya, one of the leaders of oppositional "Civil Front". Levan Chitadze, leader of the "No!" movement, tha latter said that drugs in Daraselia's case were planted by the police.

    The representative of the youth wing of the oppositional "Georgian party" Shota Yamanidze was also arrested on suspicion of drug possession. Then Levan Gachechiladze, one of the leaders of the "Georgian party", said that the detention of his young colleagueс was aimed at discrediting his party.

    Even billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, a new powerful player on the political scene of Georgia, does not exclude any provocation by the authorities.

    "Their (the authorities) problem is that their team doesn’t have smart people who could correctly analyze the situation. I think they have already done the main stuff. They detained father-in-law of my closest adviser and assistant Irakli Garibashvili and tossed him a gun, as they usually do. My friend’s son, a popular DJ, was detained and planted drugs in the same way. The collector car of "Cartu Bank" was arrested as well. My security guards were demanded to surrender arms at half past ten in the evening. Perhaps the prosecutor's office will close the "Cartu Card", they may close my charity fund, qualifying charity as bribery... "- Ivanishvili said.
    Thus, even senior opposition politicians fear that they or their families can be thrown in jail for weapons or drugs at any moment. But what can ordinary people do? The authorities leave them no chance to display their own civil position. You can go to rally or protest today, and tomorrow your family will be behind bars on charges of possessing drugs or weapons.

    Awareness is a serious weapon in our time.
    You have to be warned and wary of provocation.
    Contact the non-state media if necessary.
    Anyone can be in such a situation.
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    Note to Liberals:
    This is a thread about an issue in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.
    Not the Southern State and residence of Hermain Cain.

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