Furthering Great Socialist Victories Through Social Security!

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    Thankfully for Democrats, Republicans are now focusing on whether anyone born or unborn(?) in the United States: Has Civil Rights. Moslems, it is known, are regarded by Republicans as cannon fodder. U. S. troops, it is known, are regarded by Republicans as cannon fodder. Republicans tend to newly believe that people born here have no citizenship civil rights at all(?)! Clearly people unborn here have no civil rights at all!

    Anyone guesses that they sleep a lot, during the day!

    Therefore, Social Security can now be mentioned, and even discussed, in America! It is a fund that central government uses to hide federal deficits from the public at large. Mostly the Treasury Department likely points to it at notes-auction time. What relief(?) is therefore available, for the Social Security program?

    Washington, D. C. doesn't seem to want to discuss any rellief for Social Security(?)! Many with MBA, (MMM-Bah) degrees are at work in Washington, D. C., and in state and local government, who caused it all. School is like that, in America!

    Making Work Pay Tax Credit - New federal tax credit for working individuals

    Mostly, no one knows that Social Security has a Cost-of-Living-Adjustment, (COLA), which is wrong. It raises each primary benefit amount the same percentage. Upper benefit levels get more than lower benefit levels, since prices rise equally for all(?). People with MMM-Bah, (MBA), degrees don't seem to know this. Liberals and Nobel Laureates don't seem to know this. Medical doctors, clearly don't know this, or much else about preventing stuff. Medical doctors are for National Health Insurance, as in, "What do they know, and When did they know it?!"

    The Link is to a more properly computed, National Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment, (COLA), type of payment--which now is temporary. A U. S. federal income tax filer, with employment or self-employment income, gets $400. Married people, regardless of gender(?), get $800.00. Mostly, only California courts seem to know this.

    The amount is equal, as though a price rise for one were a price rise for all. So maybe you buy a fleet of Lamborghinis--in New California, under Meg Whitman, this could probably happen, and even on the internet. Then if you buy maybe 60--to keep up appearances, in some neighborhoods that anyone can think of--then you might get a few bucks off, per car. Mostly: Everyone has to pay the rise in the price of the Lamborghinis, or of the fleet deals. Some religions make people have a lot children, each of whom should get six: If Jesus is Lord(?)! California may soon understand this(?)! This Whitman woman spent a lot of money, and even so far, already! People with MMM-Bah, (MBA), degrees, even: Understand this. It happens because they went to school(?)! Even if the kids do not get six. . . . .there are always the MMM-Bah, (MBA), degreed! The Bush Family understand this.

    Therefore(?), we do not discuss Social Security(?)! Anyone able to do arithmetic, might even consider extending the Make-Work-Pay-Refundable Income Tax Credit, as a part of National U. S. economic pollicy. Anyone able to do arithmetic might even consider "Indexing" the equal amount, the percentage of the rise of the CPI, (Consumer Price Index). Anyone able to do arithmetic, might consider eliminating the Social Security Trust Fund of the Burdens of the wrongly computed COLA now in place. Anyone able to do arithmetic, might then consider replacing the wrong Social Security COLA with the properly computed, Indexed, Refundable Tax Credit.

    Many have suggested in the past that Social Security should be financed from the General Fund of the U. S. Government, in the federal budget. The COLA funding would be from the general fund, and not from the Trust Fund.

    And so, What's to Worry?

    Widespread Wealth Worldwide can so easily involve so many billions in the functioning economies: That even a basis for anarchy would exist!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (MMM-Bah, (MBA)(?)! Hmmmmm!)
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