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    the Netherlands
    I guess this would go here, fresh from the press monitoring agency;
    Reporteres sans Frontieres, or, Reporters without Borders.

    An updated index of the freedom of press in 167 countries around the world.
    The shared numbers one, where "robust freedom of press is firmly established", are of course all northern European countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Yey!

    The UK manages to keep a free press at #24 in the list, just one place above Benin, and would be delighted to see that it has been passed firmly by the French.

    France has dropped 10 places from the 20th to the 30th place, mainly due to the raiding of several media offices and interrogations of journalists.

    America has also dropped a whopping 20 places on the list, from place 24 to 44, mainly due to the imprisonment of New York Times reporter Judith Miller, and legal moves that have undermined the privacy of journalistic sources.

    America (in Iraq) is just a little more biased than back home, wedging itself amongst the black holes in journalistic freedom at #137.

    Russia goes neck to neck with the Americans in Iraq but manages to be just a little more biased still at #138.

    Iraq itself is not doing very well, clocking in at #157, and has this year in fact made it to the place of the deadliest country for journalists since WWII - with 24 journalist's lives lost in this year alone.

    China manages to do even worse, keeping it's position of a black hole stable at place #159.

    The all time lowest ranking is reserved for Kim Yung Il's little paradise, clocking in at #167 once again. Go Kim!

    For the rest of the list:
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    It is not the question for where freedom of press is granted.
    But The question where journalists can do what they want to do.

    So this news with the statistics have to been consumed carefully. When countries for example decrease freedom of press because of terrorist threats or panic news, this can't be declared as non-freedom of press.

    Sometimes journalists have to be restricted, it is normal that journalists aren't allowed to write about all which comes in their hands.

    This list is not a standard for showing freedom of press, as this list comes from journalists.

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