Forget Asylums- Just Elect Them To Congress

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gettingold, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Jun 2, 2010
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    Here we have Hank Johnson. He is the representative sent to congress
    from the wonderful state of Georgia.

    you can't make this crap up. Here is a complete idiot and we pay him.

    Do the people of georgia really want this dummy voting
    on major legislation for the country? I'll bet he is great
    with NASA legislation.How do the parents feel whose children are
    going through the education system there?

    If the good representative would do some homework he would know that
    mount Lam Lam is on the island of Guam.

    Measured from tip to base (in the Marianas Trench) it is 37,172 ft
    making it the world's tallest mountain.

    With Lam Lam as an anchor for the island of Guam, he is wasting the
    people's time with this worry.

    What he should be doing is thinking about Florida. As more and more Cubans
    escape to Miami, the weight is getting critical.

    You and I know there is a good chance the state will break off just below Jacksonville in
    the near future.

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