Fed Gov Is Doin A "Nero Playin His Harp As Rome Burns" Imitation W/BP Oil Leak!

Discussion in 'Environment' started by JimofPennsylvan, May 27, 2010.

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    When it comes to the Gulf of Mexico or the Deepwater Horizon Rig Oil Well Leak there is really two "balls". Yea there is countless issues, BP officials ignored the pressure test results which indicated the construction of the well wasn't done properly, the BP officials were off on their estimates of the oil being released probably by around 18,000 barrels of oil per day, the Federal Agency MMS was MIA, people need to go to jail over specific events that led up to the blow out, etc. But there is two and only two balls on this whole matter right now and the Federal government has to keep their eyes on these two glaring issues and respond as best they can!

    The first ball is to plug the oil leak. The Federal Government has not dropped the ball on this issue. There is no magic bullet for this problme mankinds best efforts are being done here. I believe Admiral Allen when he says we are in continual oversight of BP's efforts in this regard and we have veto power over whatever course they take.

    The second ball is protection of the Louisiana coastline environment. Weeks ago when the media was showing the American people big plumes of oil in the ocean off the coast of Louisiana, the Federal Government should have launched an all out effort to build berms and sand barriers to protect the Louisiana coasts and their estuaries and their marshes with their shrimp, oyster, crab and other fish nurseries. No one can turn back the clock but the American people can still block a lot of oil from hitting the Louisiana coast and ruining a pricless natural resource for the people of Louisiana if they build sand barriers off the Louisiana coast - the booms haven't and won't succeed and we probably won't be able to protect all the Louisiana coast with such barriers but a lot of we can and collecting the oil in the ocean to eliminate the environmental danger is impossible there is too much oil in too many layers - we have to build sand barriers to protect the Louisiana coast. Common sense indicates that once you have this high amount of toxic substance, that being the oil, in physical contact with the coast it will be many many years if ever for the pollution to leave because it seeps into the ground and plant like and this toxic pollution will find its way in and contaminate the fish, industries, whole regions of the countryfrom an economic standpoint, a way of life are at stake. The efforts at bulding sand barriers so far has been disgraceful of historic proportion.

    The Federal governement has to get their eye on the ball here and build berms and sand barriers to protect the Lousiana coast in a "Great Wall Of China" scale. A staff of the Federal Government needs to identify across the country dredge equipment,cargo ships which could dump pallets of sand bags and any other ship which could help and have it brought voluntarily or by force of law to to the Louisiana coast immedediately and pressed into service to accomplish this task. Similarly, this staff needs to identify across the country helicopters that can lift and drop cargo nets full of sand bags to make these barriers and have them brought to the Lousiana coast and pressed into service. Across the nation the national guard needs to be called up and sent to the Louisiana coast and help build this barrier. Listen when 911 occurred, so many Americans across the nation wanted to come to New York to help that city New York authorities had to make public appeals to not come because their hands were full with the problems presented with the destruction of the world trade towers - the bottom line is that ordinary Americans will come to the people of Louisiana's aid as long as the Federal Government leads on how they can help. The Federal Government needs to treat this oil leak like a national emergency, the welfare and well-being of one of America's fifty states is at grave peril, countless and countless of Americans from one side of the nation to the other will be heartbroken if there is catastrophic environomental damage to Louisiana from this oil leak and it didn't have to happen if the American people responded better. Washington please don't drop the ball here!!!

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