“Electable” Romney’s Actual Record in Elections: 5-17

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    For years Mitt Romney and his army of surrogates in the Republican Establishment have been pushing the Mittster as the best bet for conservatives in 2012. Never mind he’s not a conservative, he’s the one candidate who can beat Obama, we’re told. Mitt’s gone before voters 22 times, and 17 times they weren’t buying what he was selling. Think about that. 5-17-by all accounts, that's a losing record. He has simply not caught on with American voters. Personally, he doesn't seem sincere to me. He just doesn't act like his heart is in it. I am new here and can't be allowed to post URLs to other sites until I have 15 posts or more so you will have to forgive me for not being able to post a full link to the story. It is a good article and I hope you link to it.

    //weeklystandard.com/articles/overestimating-romney_611846.html]Overestimating Romney | The Weekly Standard[/url]
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