Education secretary urged his employees to attend Sharpton's rally Read more at the

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    I must say 'urged' may be a bit pejorative, but none the less, it is one of those things you think about when you get a dept. e- mail 'inviting' you to attend an off worksite fucntion, rally etc....some folks I am sure felt pressured to show up so as to show the flag for their grp. and/or their own individual employment aspects.....

    the point ala the Bush dept. if Ed. etc. inviting their employees on the dept. e mail account, to attend a Beck rally, any rally really, this would have been page 1, above the fold news ion the dishwater Gray lady the NY Times...and anyone with an ounce of sentience knows it.

    thats our middle of the road moderate media at work. :eusa_whistle:

    Education secretary urged his employees to attend Sharpton's rally
    By: Lisa Gartner
    Examiner Staff Writer
    August 30, 2010

    President Obama's top education official urged government employees to attend a rally that the Rev. Al Sharpton organized to counter a larger conservative event on the Mall.

    "ED staff are invited to join Secretary Arne Duncan, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and other leaders on Saturday, Aug. 28, for the 'Reclaim the Dream' rally and march," began an internal e-mail sent to more than 4,000 employees of the Department of Education on Wednesday.

    Sharpton created the event after Glenn Beck announced a massive Tea Party "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial, where King spoke in 1963.

    The Washington Examiner learned of the e-mail from a Department of Education employee who felt uncomfortable with Duncan's request.

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    Read more at the Washington Examiner: Education secretary urged his employees to attend Sharpton's rally | Washington Examiner
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    Yep. If he'd email employees encouraging them to attend Beck's event, the left would be howling like hounds waiting to be unleashed. But, as it was Sharpton's, I suspect it will be a non story. Can anyone on the left spell H Y P O C R I S Y ?
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    Not only can they spell it, they live it.

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