Earmarks in the 2009 budget

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    Earmarks and the 2009 Federal Budget
    March 09, 2009 09:24 PM EDT (Updated: March 10, 2009 12:25 AM EDT)

    Since the momentous events that are happening in the economy of our country and around the world, and the tremendous amounts of money being allocated to projects to bring about a turn-around, we might do well to exchange ideas and opinions on the subject.

    First of all, a little background on the 2009 budget bill now being considered by the Senate. The original version was drafted during the Bush administration and submitted to congress in October 2008. If it had passed it would have been effective from October 1, 2008 until September 31, 2009. But because the Bush administration had become so much out of favor, Congress passed a stopgap bill to fund the country until March 2009 when a new administration would be in office.

    Now in the process of being considered is a slightly reformed version of that budget bill. Some Bush projects and policies have been deleted, and the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now included transparently for the first time. They were funded separately before this. This version of the 2009 budget, known as the Omnibus Budget Bill, contains at least 9,286 earmarks costing $12.8 billion. Obama has repeatedly stated his objections to earmarks, but he considers this to be the last Bush budget and he intends to let it stand. The bill would be effective from April 1, until September 31st. 2009. Obama has received much criticism for this decision, and it is considered by some to be going back on his campaign promises.


    At any rate, earmarks have been continually on the rise. There were 4,126 earmarks in the 1994 federal budget, and in the 2009 budget now under consideration there are 9,286 earmarks worth $12.8 billion. This is said to be just 2% of the overall proposed spending of the 2009 budget at a cost of 'only' $7.7 billion.

    The original form of the 2009 budget was formatted by the Bush administration and still contains some of his projects. However his version did not contain the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those expenses have now been added to the Omnibus version now under consideration.

    The end result of the Omnibus budget for 2009, and a much greater 2010 budget now in the planning stage, is a horrific deficit to be added to the already over $10 trillion national debt. The payment on the interest alone will be one of the most costly items to be budgeted.

    Earmarks and the 2009 Federal Budget | Gather

    If you do not like my source, google your own. the main thing is that we all understand the truth.

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