Eagles-Patriots: The Hitachi Gambit [Recording Dream]

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    When the upstart Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) defeated the Goliath-like New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 [2018], American fans realized that nothing was 'predictable' in professional sports, even though Patriots QB-Tom Brady was more or less the indomitable 'monster' in sports of the new millennium.

    Now that the Eagles have toppled the Patriots, sports-fans around the country are thinking more casually about Philly cheesesteaks than about New England clam chowder! In other words, the tides have turned and sports-atmospherics are altering marketing-consciousness and the 'Brady mystique' is finally dwindling.

    Brady had appeared in 8 Super Bowls total (all since 2000!) and lost only 2 (both times to Eli Manning's NY Giants!) before facing the Eagles in 2018.

    Since sports is never predictable (which makes it such a terrific symbol of peaceful competitiveness), we might consider how the Eagles' victory encourages fans to consider how the modern age of media 'allows' us opportunities to find consumerism-relics (or 'toys') to 'record' our fanfare-consciousness. We might buy a commemorative Super Bowl 52 DVD and watch it on Thanksgiving Day on our 2005 Hitachi Plasma TV which we purchase on eBay.

    Sports-events affect Americans' perspectives on customs, etiquette, behavior, and even charm-aesthetics!

    Understanding how key moments in sports-history are remembered by fans/audiences helps us embrace the contours between celebrity and capitalism. Isn't that what 'TrumpUSA' is all about? Of course it is...


    "Alan considered why a painting of a giant bald eagle grabbing Patriots (NFL) QB Tom Brady like a helpless doll represented fanfare-spirit following the Eagles' stunning 41-33 victory in Super Bowl 52. He mounted the impressive painting in his TV-room of his new condo in Virginia. When his pals came over to watch a NCAAF game between Penn State and Virginia Tech one Saturday afternoon in October, Alan boasted about his Eagles-Brady painting and explained it was a 'recording' of American sports-greatness."


    "After Virginia Tech upset Penn State that college football Saturday in October, Alan popped in his Blu-ray copy of the thrilling David Fincher anarchy-exposition film Fight Club (starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton) in his brand-new Samsung Blu-ray player which was hooked up to his brand-new Hitachi plasma HDTV. Alan and his pals enjoyed the Fincher film, and Alan remarked how the intensity and passion themes in the film's storyline reminded him of the bravado required by the Eagles to dismantle the indomitable Patriots in Super Bowl 52. His pals remarked that the Fincher film was a nice 'accent' to that Saturday Hitachi-TV viewing experience in his new Virginia condo."


    "Alan bid his friends farewell and purchased an artisan-made figurine-doll of Jesus Christ performing a nifty soccer bicycle-kick on eBay. When the Jesus-doll arrived, Alan placed it on the mantle next to his Hitachi plasma-TV. He considered his Jesus-doll a perfect symbol of consumerism pride and capitalism festivity associated with the sports-marketing spirit following the Eagles' stunning victory over the Goliath-like Patriots in Super Bowl 52. Alan wished there would be more 'stunning showcases' in American professional sports in the near future."


    "Alan decided that his Hitachi TV was a nice 'trophy' and therefore a commercial/consumerism token of the niceties of media and marketing and toys/tech of the new millennium. He'd after all enjoyed the Fincher film right after the fun NCAAF Saturday with his pals in his new condo. Alan wasn't a fan of Penn State (located in Philadelphia), but he was a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and told his pals that NCAAF Saturday in October that enjoying sports-memories on his new Hitachi TV helped him celebrate 'consumerism-culture' (in general). Was Alan a 'consumerism waiter'?"


    "Alan picked up a new horror-comics issue featuring the iconic fictional masked urban vigilante Batman (DC Comics) tackling the iconic American horror-film avatar Leatherface (fictional chainsaw-wielding cannibal from Texas Chainsaw Massacre films). Alan read the issue and found it to be rather...eccentric (but intriguing nonetheless!). Alan compared Batman to the Eagles-QB Nick Foles who helped the team marshal past the Patriots; he compared Leatherface to the monstrous Patriots-QB Tom Brady. Alan wondered how Super Bowl 52 would 'alter' competitiveness-storytelling (in general)."


    "Alan then purchased a Blu-ray copy of William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet for his daughter Cindy. He enjoyed watching the film with Cindy on a Friday night on his Hitachi TV. She had just turned 17 and was a high-school senior, so he decided to treat her with a glass of his bottle of his Sutter Home Merlot. The film starred the iconic celebrity Leo DiCaprio, and Alan told Cindy that Leo's portrayal of the tragic Shakespearean romance-hero Romeo captured some of the spirit and flair of Super Bowl 52, since the Eagles' stunning victory reminded audiences that sports --- just like life --- was rarely predictable."


    TRUMP: Are you a fan of Netflix, Carter?
    CARTER: Why, yes I am, Mr. President!
    TRUMP: I like sports-culture films --- e.g., Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise).
    CARTER: Yes, sports-marketing symbolizes consumerism/media.
    TRUMP: Movies always 'record' our cultural daydreams.
    CARTER: It's a psychiatry tool, really.
    TRUMP: After Super Bowl 52, fans thought differently about etiquette.
    CARTER: Yes, the surprise Eagles-win altered marketing aesthetics.
    TRUMP: People enjoyed Philly cheesesteaks more than New England clam chowder.
    CARTER: That's perfectly natural...
    TRUMP: It's almost as if a simple/peaceful sports-win changed 'behavioral playbooks.'
    CARTER: Yes, it impacted the Thanksgiving Netflix download-biases.
    TRUMP: That's what makes consumerism stand out --- trends!
    CARTER: Tom Brady was like a 'captain of trend.'
    TRUMP: The Eagles' surprise-win reoriented sports-culture itself.
    CARTER: The Super Bowl is a major 'event' in professional football.
    TRUMP: Fans are blogging about watching game-videos on Hitachi televisions.
    CARTER: You can purchase a vintage 2005 Hitachi plasma-television on eBay.
    TRUMP: Maybe Jerry Maguire should be adapted into a video-game.




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