Dreams Alive by Captain Steel (non-political)

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    Dreams Alive

    In the brush, through sticks and leaves,
    my dreams are lying in there, I'm dying to retrieve,
    the sun still shines in, moonlight too, exposing faces, and words untrue,
    I still believe, it can come true, all my dreams, inspired by my youth,
    theres a feeling inside me,
    I know the fires still burn eternally,
    sometimes you can't feel or see,
    but I know it still will be,
    As the moon rises in the night,
    providing wonder, and subdued light,
    the world spins on, in space, the planets too,
    they're there, waiting for me and you,
    and far beyond the furthest star,
    is where I am, and where you are,
    what can you imagine, in your happiest dream?,
    in my heaven things ARE what they seem,
    to be enlightened, to soar so high,
    to watch the clouds and mountains pass by,
    I'll fly to the top of the highest peak,
    in the snow, the meaning of life I'll seek,
    and when I find it I'll let you know,
    I'll pick you up and take you home,
    and then I'll disappear again, into the trees,
    to search for heaven, in my dreams.


    Steve Arnold

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