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    Senator Dole, who has been nearly silent during her career as Senator for North Carolina has recently been quoted as saying, "It's like they're content with losing. To pull out and withdraw is losing. The Democrats appear to be content with losing.”
    She was talking about the United States in Iraq.
    The Circus of Sadaam Hussein finished its first act by condemning Sadaam to death just in time for American mid-term elections. Senator Dole, who got her seat apparently due to backroom machinations by her aging husband, an ex-Senator from Kansas, now seems intent on stirring up domestic trouble in the United States.
    She is showing a weakness in the Republican party that I don’t care for. As an American who happens to be a Republican her personal attacks against my fellow Americans leave me with a sick feeling in my stomach. I believe I am seeing Senator Dole relying on the same, sorry political tricks her husband used to play in Kansas.
    Anyone that thinks so little of the Great State of North Carolina that they can snap their fingers to get their way must be in denial about many other things as well.
    Senator Dole’s behavior, coming as it does from a woman who has enjoyed a life of ease and whose brushes with adversity seem to be limited to not finding the right color for her limousine or having her veal overcooked should have her attention drawn to one very pertinent fact.
    You’re not in Kansas anymore.

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