Credit Card Theft

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    Has a stranger ever used your credit card number to make a purchase? This happened to me about three years ago. When I got my MasterCard statement, I noticed two purchases from companies that I did not recognize. I called MasterCard and asked for additional information.

    They told me the purchases were made in Barbados from a company in Texas. I told them these were not my purchases and that I had never even been to Barbados. They checked further and called me back. They said the person who made the purchases had my credit card in hand at the time the purchases were made, so these were legitimate charges. I told them that could not be true because my credit card was in my possession, and I had never let anyone else use it to make a purchase.

    They then sent me a form to fill out, on which I had to make a notarized statement, and return it to them. About four months after this process began, I was notified by MasterCard that the money for the charges had been restored to my account. I called MasterCard again to ask for details regarding this illegal use of my credit card. Amazingly enough, I was given very little information about what their security discovered. From what they were willing to tell me, I drew the impression that a duplicate credit card had been made and was used to make the purchases.

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