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    The company I worked for had a service contract with (I think it was) Bell Atlantic in the 90's. Well one day the printer everybody was tied to through the LAN wasn't working. So I called up Bell Atlantic and the guy went on-and-on explaining that it rained last night (an uncommon occurrence here in the desert) and so it was likely that moisture got in such-and-such a place causing a connection problem. I interrupted him to ask what can I do to fix it? He briefly mentioned coming out in a few days and replacing the part, but his instruction on how to fix it myself was priceless. "Pick the printer up an half inch or so and drop it." I asked if he was serious and he replied he had folks throughout Phoenix picking up and dropping their printers.

    When it rains here folks react as I recall they did back east on the first day of snow. My new technical skill just added to the excitement of rain over those next few years before that printer was replaced.

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