Clinton was incompetent also.

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    Clinton agrees with Gingrich on legalizing Illegal Aliens. He, as was Reagan, Bush one and two and as is Obama all incompetent when it come to enforcing our immigration laws and as Gingrich will be also. We could stop and reverse illegal immigration if our leaders wanted to but they don’t want to lose the support of the Hispanic votes and support of corporations who are addicted to cheap labor. If Reagan had deported the 3 million he had given amnesty to in 1986, those who had lived here since 1982, we would not have a 20 million Illegal Alien problem now.

    If they are in this country illegal they are committing a crime and they are criminals. There is no reason to “round them up” and deport them but we could. Cut off the jobs and freebies and they will self deport and 8 million Americans will have jobs. Then develop a temporary farm workers program.

    “Rounding them up and putting them on busses, planes and trains” and deporting them "separating families" is just pro-Illegal Aliens rhetoric. Sensationalizing. We drove Al Qaeda and the Taliban out of Iraq and Afghanistan and we cannot force 20 million Illegal Aliens to leave? The problem is no one in leadership want to do the job. What will happen to all those who entered after 1982 and after the 25 year cut off date? Absolutely nothing. We have a long standing record of doing nothing about illegal immigration that attribute to more illegal immigration.

    States that have passed immigration laws have not had to round them up and deport them to get them to leave.

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