Chase for the Cup: Nascar Thunder 2005

Discussion in 'Computers' started by DKSuddeth, Sep 7, 2004.

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    Ok, this game rocks compared to 2004. Graphics are tenfold better than before and the game play is much more advanced and offers more variety in choices of how you want to play.

    4 different racing series to choose from: Featherlite Modifieds, Craftsman truck series, Busch National series, and Nextel Cup.

    you can race individual races, start a season in any series, do chase for the cup according to the new points system, or begin a career.

    The career mode is more realistic than 2004 in that you have to start as a driver in the modifieds and 'prove your talent' so to speak. The better you perform there, the better the contracts to drive come in the future. At later stages you can buy and own teams in any of the series if you've acquired the cash to do so. You can hire drivers to drive for the teams or drive yourself if you choose. You can sign more than one contract as long as they are in separate series, i.e. you can race in modifieds and national series if you can get the contract offers.

    The simulation is much more touchy than it was in 2004, oversteers happen if you're not careful on the turns and tire wear has a much more noticable effect on your vehicle than before.

    The grudge and alliance feature has expanded from 2004 as well. In 2004 all you could do was bump others and make them rivals or share drafts and increase your alliance. In Chase for the cup, you have an 'intimidate' feature which allows you to pull up close behind another driver and you can cause them to either get loose or move over, which also increases your rival score with them. You can settle grudges off the official track with private street races afterwards, avoid the NASCAR officials fallout.

    It's also a better game because now you can race online. With Xbox Live, you can race 42 other people from around the world, in seasons, careers, or single races. This COULD have a detrimental effect on your online gaming though, especially if you like to bump and tap. All races are recorded and any complaints are closely investigated. Talk about making your grudges real.

    For $50 this game so far has proven to be well worth the cost. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: (4 of 4 thumbs up)

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