Canada funds Europe-based missile defence program but won't join one at home

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    Our former PM Harper was a real patriot, and truly a fake Conservative. No wonder our allies don't trust us and Trump is demanding NATO payments are brought up to promised levels. We will defend our old European Masters, but dare not defend our own nation. Billions being spent.

    Canada pays to protect Europe from rogue missiles, but not North America

    Harper limited Canada's role

    When the former Conservative government signalled its intention to participate in the NATO program in 2010, the idea was to protect alliance troops and installations, but it has been expanded in the years since to defend the entire European continent.

    And it was former prime minister Stephen Harper who insisted at the 2010 NATO leaders summit in Lisbon that clauses be added limiting the scope of the program to Europe, says Richard Cohen, who served as an adviser to former defence minister Peter MacKay.

    "I never figured out why he put that language in," Cohen told CBC News. "I could not understand the government's aversion to this. Of course, it's tied to the reluctance of all governments to go into North American [ballistic missile defence]."

    He said he doesn't believe Canada's military leadership is keen on any form of a missile shield because it takes money out of the budget for equipment.

    "It's only there to defend us if we happen to be on European territory," said Cohen.

    "We're contributing all right, but we're not getting a lot back."

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