“Breaking Point” ? Murder Doesn’t Have One

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    Last I heard, the cops were still looking for the homicidal psychopath, Steve Stephens, who shot and killed a man while streaming it live in Facebook. Stephens is said to have said >> “He pushed me beyond my breaking point.”

    EARTH TO STEPHENS: (or anyone lame enough to accept this idiot excuse) – Murder does not HAVE a “breaking point”. Normal people do not go around murdering people, no matter what point they are pushed to. If you have a “breaking point” which goes to murder, then you are a psychopathic killer, who needs to be locked up, in a hurry.

    So, wherever you are, I would urge you to turn yourself in to the nearest mental hospital or jail.

    “Breaking point”. Good grief!

    Here’s a few picture of this moron. If you see him, alert the police, right away.




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