Boundaries were set in place by God

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    Boundaries (borders) Boundaries were set in place by God from the beginning of time and for a reason. Gen 4;10,11....3;23,24... Gen 15;18-21. Ex 23;31..... To Abraham and his seed God promised a certain land with definitely stated boundaries. Gen 15;13-16.....would enforce an eviction decree when “the error of the Amorites” came to its completion. Deut 2;4,5,18,19....Jehovah God also decreed that the Israelites would not encrouch on the boundaries of the nations of Edom, .... Deut 32;8....when the Most High gave the nations an inheritance, when he parted the sons of Adam from one another, he proceeded to fix the boundary of the people with regard for the number of the sons of Israel.” Eph 2;12-16....Under penalty of death, Gentiles were prohibited beyond that boundary, such wall serving the apostle as an apt illustration of the division created by the Law covenant. Isa 54;l14,15...60;18..Co 3;16,17. These spiritual boundaries are to be held inviolate, for God warns that those invading them will meet with destruction.

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