Bottom Line Regarding The Insurance Wars.

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    At least in the humble opinion of this average Joe.

    The problem is the "high risk" groups, as defined by the insurance industry.

    Like Folks over 65. A higher risk group with regards to health care there isn't. I should know, I live in Florida - Gods waiting room... Most Floridians are simply dying to get out.


    :eusa_think: True Public Option for Americas aging population, or great dumping ground with no bitching courtesy of the American taxpayer for the 30+ year customers of America's Health Insurance Industry, just when their investment should start paying dividends in the form of claims? ​

    It's no fucking wonder the private, for profit insurance industry got such a huge boner over the health care legislation carefully produced and brought to you by The American Healthcare Industry.

    They successfully dumped the disabled on to Medicare and Medicaid in the 70's, 80's & 90's and the more I see of this legislation in practical discussion the more it looks like another BIG score for the private healthcare insurance lobbies getting taxpayer funding for more "high risk" groups.

    :eusa_think: It seems like the only business that is NOT going to have to spend more money on healthcare in general is the insurance industry.

    Either the private insurance bureaucracies are going to have to cover the "high risk" groups we so often see in the news these days, at rates comparable to the average American Joe, or they are going to have to back off on their opposition to a true public option:

    Medicare for all, rates based solely on age.​

    :eusa_think: If I had the option to contribute into Medicare, the $500 + per month I pay for me and my sweetie pie's health insurance I would, if nothing else, not feel so guilty about going in for services when I do start breaking down way, waaaay waaaaaaaaaaaay after age 65. Yeah, I should be good 'till then... I'm a lucky guy.
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