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    As military family members who support Barack Obama, we knew there was something different this election cycle. More interest in the Dem candidate, fewer Republican bumper stickers than we're used to seeing. But nothing prepared us for this. Our new Blue Star Families for Obama website went live yesterday (Blue Star Families for Obama). We expected it to generate a little interest, but hey, we're volunteers, we've done no publicity about it, no press release, no ads, nothing. So we didn't expect over 3000 hits in the first few hours.

    Blue Star Families for Obama was started by five Army and Marine Corps wives back in July. We have a budget of zero. You might otherwise know us as the casserole brigade. But in just two short months we have generated chapters in 23 states, helped host a care package service event at the convention in Denver attended by Michelle Obama, attended dozens of rallies and roundtables and hosted house parties across the country. And keep in mind - we admire John McCain's service to his country. What we do not admire is his vision for tomorrow and his long refusal to provide real support to the military community.

    Military families are flocking to Senator Obama because we recognize real respect when we see it. The Senator's admiration and support of military families and veterans is clear in his record, his stump speeches and his constant reminders to the country that we should all be a part of the war on terror - and not just by going shopping.

    If you need proof, look no further than the new GI Bill. Supported by every major veterans' group in this country. Passed by a veto-proof bipartisan majority (hello, Governor Palin?). A real chance for veterans who sweated it out for years defending this country without question to contribute to it once again, through a solid education and upward mobility. Senator McCain inexplicably and inexcusably opposed the bill for budgetary reasons. Military families have seen eight years of attempted cuts to our benefits by the current administration. Do they really think we are getting too much? We dare you to come and live our lives for a couple of years and make that argument.

    On our website we'll be posting comparisons of Obama v McCain's voting record on defense and veterans issues. We'd compare McCain's plans for military families to Obama's, except that only Barack Obama has a plan that directly addresses our issues.

    So we say to the many thousands who have checked out our site in the last day or so, and to the rest of you: Please come back. Keep reading. Decide for yourself. And join us in electing a president who will restore our respect and sense of community with our civilian brothers and sisters, not one who will continue to ask us to serve in silence.

    Written by Laura Dempsey and Kathy Roth-Douquet

    Blue Star Families for Obama

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