Billions for UN Crooks —— Food Stamps for Americans

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    It is impossible to believe there is one person on the planet who still believes the global warming scam. There are plenty of hustlers pushing the scam to be sure, but by now even the “true believers” must know they are mouthing empty talking points.

    It’s no secret that climate hustlers are after the money, but how many of those American “true believers” who are hurting know that Hussein is giving them food stamps while he sends billions to a few United Nations crooks:

    [ame=]Inhofe: Obama Quietly Handing Over Billions of Dollars to the UN in the Name of Global Warming - YouTube[/ame]

    If you watched the video you heard Senator Inhofe say:

    Notice that a leading Senator does not know how much money is involved. Assuming House Republicans who control the public purse know the amount how come they don’t tell Inhofe? and how come they let Hussein get away with it?

    The next question is: How does that piece of scum in the White House get his hands on the money?

    Next question: Where did Hussein get the authority to give tax dollars to a proven scam?

    As far as I know, Hussein never said the following; so maybe somebody can tell me where one of his scum drops gets the authority to speak for the American people:

    Inspiring my ass. Taking tax dollars by force and giving them to America’s enemies only inspires crooks and sick freaks with a touchy-feely political agenda like Figueres. It sure as hell does not inspire the people paying the taxes, nor does it inspire the people who are being hurt by the climate change fraud.

    NOTE: The manmade climate change SCAM hurts mankind a helluva lot more than naturally-occurring temperature fluctuations.

    Make no mistake about this. The attendees at United Nations Conferences on Climate Change are there representing themselves and the ruling class in their native countries. They will get the money. The poor in Third World countries will never see a penny or a benefit. You have be a complete idiot to believe that hundreds of millions of poor people in Third World countries know anything about climate change. There’s no point, or profit, in scamming people who have nothing. Manmade global warming is a scam engineered by the United Nations to ripoff working people in First World countries. Demonstrating when they are told is the only thing the poor know about manmade global warming.

    Christiana Figueres gets the Bullshit Award of the Year for this one:

    Sharpshooters who know how to manipulate governments decided that designer-science is more profitable than real science.

    In another article Ron Arnold says this:

    The least those pirates could do is convert their petroleum-guzzling yachts to sail. After all, they claim they love wind power!

    This excerpt pinpoints the danger in the coming years:

    The Clintons got away with it. There is no evidence coming from Congress that Hussein will be stopped. Hell, I’d settle for a sign that the movers and shakers in Congress want to stop him.

    Finally, for years I railed against ratifying UN treaties. Time and time again I pointed out that the EPA is a United Nations agency. I, and countless others, warned about the EPA to no avail. A few state governments had little success opposing the EPA. So what do I say when a treaty is enforced without being ratified?

    Here are the links to the articles I quoted:

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