BCS LOGJAMM!!! Could it be Playoff Time?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by hylandrdet, Oct 24, 2004.

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    With an average of three to five games left in the season, the BCS system is about to hit an iceberg of Titanic perportions; the possibility that a MINIMAL OF FIVE teams could finish the season undefeated and AT LEAST FIVE teams could finish the season with only one loss.

    My Top five teams that could finish the season underfeated

    5. Utah- San Diego State and BYU are the Utes' only remaining threats?

    4. Wisconsin- We don't have to play Michigan..weeee! The big cat's away, it's time for the badgers to play

    3. Auburn- Georgia's the only real theat left; after that, it's the SEC Championship and a chance to score more TDs on Tennessee

    2. Oklahoma- The Big 12 is down, Oklahoma is up...? I see no repeat of last year

    1. USC- The most complete team in the nation right now. It's all up to UCLA; realistically, I believe that 1/2 of the Orange Bowl matchup is for USC to lose TWICE!!!

    My top ten teams to finish with one loss:

    5. Boise State- This year's "I'm going to challenge the BCS, then lose at the last second" team

    4. Texas- Only Texas A&M stands in their path; being the "chokemeisters" of which they are....?

    3. West Virginia- One road trip to Pitt; the rest is scrimmage

    2. Michigan- With a huge win at Purdue, the Wolves are flying high. "Badgers??? We don't need those stinkin' Badgers!!!" One little problem... Ohio State IN THE BIG HORSESHOE!

    1. Miami- A great team, but let's be realistic; CLEMSON, VIRGINIA, WAKE FORREST AND VIRGINIA TECH IN CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. I'll guarantee you that Miami will drop one of those games.

    My Current BCS matchup predictions (If the season were to end this way)

    Orange- USC (PAC 10 champion) vs Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion)
    Rose- Wisconsin (Big 10 co-champion) vs Miami (ACC champion)
    Fiesta- West Virginia (Big East Champion) vs Texas/ Texas A&M winner (Big 12 number 2 selection)
    Sugar- Auburn (SEC Champion) vs Michigan (Big 10 co-champion)
    The "fifth" BCS game- Boise State vs Utah....Uh I'm sorry, what conferences do they come from?

    So there you have it; at least ten teams that deserve a shot at the national championship, with a possible 4-6 additional teams that deserves a BCS bid... Question...Is it playoff time yet?

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