Bad "Mericans prefer BS propaganda, Liberals don't....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by francoHFW, Jul 11, 2012.

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    The misinformation the Pub Propaganda machine puts out is a disgrace.

    50% + of the GOP voters believe Obama is a Muslim, or Marxist, or Kenyan, or ACORN stole the election, or this recession started under Obama, or any number of hateful, divisive BS -see sig pp3, and are ignorant of any number of facts, see sig pp1, or that Obamacare is a copy of a very successful, cost saving Nixon/Dole/Heritage/Newt/Romneycare, or that Obama had 24 days of actual filibuster-free power in his first 2 years, or that Pubs have filibustered everything since 2/2010.

    Fundamentalist, anti-science, history revising, hater/dupes!! Bring back the fairness doctrine, 2 minutes of rebuttal an hour, would ruin their bought off charlatan, demagogue, multimillionnaire hater heroes. 90% of the OP's on here are brainwashed drivel.

    No wonder Media Matters is so busy.
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